Continence Foundation of Australia Submissions

The Continence Foundation of Australia aims to influence policymakers and impact policies to ensure they consider the needs of people affected by incontinence. Please find following some of our recent submissions. 


Inquiry into Carers Recognition Act 

The Continence Foundation of Australia welcomes the recent announcement of an inquiry into the recognition of unpaid carers by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs. We see it as an opportunity to give greater recognition to carers, including those who care for people living with incontinence, improving their quality of life and the life of the person they care for.   

The Australian Government is reviewing the Carer Recognition Act and has asked the Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs to inquire, and report on the operations of the Act in order to reform the legislation. As part of this review, it will examine Commonwealth level policy developments since the Act's passage in 2010, state, territory and international recognition of unpaid care, and defining the Act's role to better identify the role of unpaid carers in Australian society. It will also examine the needs of specific cohorts, including young carers and those from diverse backgrounds, the role of workplaces and how flexible working arrangements play a role in unpaid care. The care and support economy, employment participation and gender equity is also a focus of the inquiry.  However, the adequacy of payments for carers is out of scope for this inquiry. Information regarding the inquiry is available here.

The Foundation confirms the role of carers in supporting people living with incontinence cannot be underestimated, and there has not been adequate recognition of the impact on them as carers, including their access to and capacity for employment, financial impact and wellbeing. 

Making a Submission

All individuals are able to contribute to the Inquiry by providing a submission. 

The Committee is specifically interested in hearing from individual unpaid carers, carer representatives and advocacy organisations. They also welcome the views of broader representation that relate to carers such as unpaid care recipients, women’s organisations, and community service providers. 

There are some requirements for making a submission. Information about these requirements as well as what you can include in your submission, and how to make a submission, is available on the Parliament of Australia website here

You can find more information about the inquiry into the recognition of unpaid carers and how to make a submission here

Carers Australia will contributing to the Inquiry, and you can find out more about adding your views by visiting their website, or the website of your state carer organisation.  


In the Foundation’s 2022 National Consumer Survey, 49% of people caring for someone with incontinence reported that caring for them has a financial impact, with 7% reporting they are struggling financially; 72% report that it severely impacted on their life and 51% reporting it affects their mental health and wellbeing.  


The Continence Foundation of Australia's 2023-24 Pre-Budget Submission 

2023-24 Pre Budget Submission Front Cover

The Continence Foundation of Australia made a submission to the Federal Government’s 2023-24 budget.

Our submission includes two investment initiatives that will advance and improve access to preventative care and enhance the outcomes for people at risk of, and/or experiencing incontinence.

The first initiative is to progress the objectives of the National Continence Program, and existing activities, to raise awareness, address stigma and discrimination, and provide information and training by developing an Australian Continence Action Plan. The second initiative is to implement a capability building program for general practice to strengthen the capacity of primary health care to meet increasing continence care needs throughout the population.

The Continence Foundation of Australia looks forward to the opportunity to work with the Australian Government to deliver these important initiatives which will enhance improved health outcomes for all Australians.


The Continence Foundation of Australia aims to influence policymakers and impact policies to ensure they consider the needs of people affected by incontinence.

Our advocacy efforts currently focus on the following issues:

  1. Increasing awareness of incontinence as a significant health issue for many Australians.
  2. Improving the screening and assessment of incontinence for Australians accessing aged care services and those with disability to ensure their care is safe and effective, individualised and maintains their dignity.
  3. Improving funding for continence products and assessments to ensure that continence care and incontinence management is safe and effective for older Australians and those with a disability.
  4. Highlighting the need for education about how to provide safe and effective continence care and incontinence management is included in the foundation courses of all health professionals, allied health workers and personal care workers.
  5. Improving access to continence assessments that are undertaken by suitably-trained and qualified practitioners.

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